About me

I have been working as an Android Developer for around 6 years professionally now. I have a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, but I only worked as an IT specialist my first year of the career. Programming pays better. After a 3 year experience in my homeland, Albania, I decided to move to Germany for a better professional life. Currently, I work at AppsFactory’s Munich branch. It’s a software agency and I work with big clients like BMW, Mercedes, VW etc. As you already guessed, yes: I work in the automotive industry. Previously I worked at Quickbird Studios, also located in Munich in the medical field, outsourcing product companies who wanted to help their clients with diabetes.

Android Journey

I started with Android professionally at the end of 2017 and since then I have been developing Android apps, writing blog posts, helping other developers in Stack Overflow and lately providing video content for newbies to learn from the technology that I use best.

I like to create high quality Android apps. Architecture is and always will be one of the main discussion points in this framework, since Android is not that simple anyways.

Professional career

To take a look at all my professional journey, please head over to my LinkedIn profile. Should you have any questions, feel free to send a direct message over there.

Social life

Muslim. Married. It’s worth to mention that any oppinion I state (technical or not technical) is my own and doesn’t represent any current company that I am working in. I do not aspire to become only a good software programmer, but rather a polymath. I am curious about a lot of stuff. My dream job has been to work in Google as an Android expert, but lately i have changed my mind and now I want to create my own product company. Not sure if I can be a good CEO, but since my communication skills are quite high, therefore I think I can take any responsibility that my job covers and also become a leader.