Hi, I’m Stavro.

Android Developer trying my best everyday. I answer Stack Overflow questions. I’m also very active on the r/androiddev reddit thread. Always try to avoid adding more than one activity to the app. Passionate about Android, Kotlin, Annotation Processor, Software Architecture and blogging. I started this blog to improve myself through feedback and provide useful content for Android developers.

Rules I follow for a successful carrier:

1- Be humble.

2- You won’t always win.

3- Hard work.

4 - Keep it professional

📕 But that would not be enough.

That’s just my every day persona. My professional direction of life. I have a great passion for psychoanalytic and its hugest duo-hero: Zigmund Freud and Karl Jung. Without their help, I would have become a rude professional developer, who would just spit out what he thinks.

🎮 I got into programming just because of games.

I wanted to make games like Counter Strike, Call of Duty, League of Legends. I succeed only in doing a Flappy Bird (obviously you can’t do the other mentions alone) with LibGDX in Java. I still wanna do a good YuGiOh card game in mobile.


🕌 Religion, is an important part of my life (even though I’m very careful not to talk about it at all during work or with friends. Yea, I don’t preach, I believe. If you are looking for a preacher, get out of here) . If we list monotheistic religions there would be 3: Judaism, Christianity and Random Search at the Airport. This is the expression which defines my believes:

“The ink of a students pen, is more sacred than the sword of the warrior” - the prophet of this religion.

I deliberately mentioned the sword, because there have been so much abuse by politics in the name of it’s religion which preaches peace towards every single living creature. Yea, I worship God, by working so hard, by making my family proud. That’s all. And you don’t have to look different to believe the same thing I believe.


🙈🙉 Very stable and trustworthy person with other people. I’m the most unstable person with myself. I keep promises towards other people like they are sacred, I always break my own promises though. Straightforward, but kind. If you wonder how this can be done, get to know me better. I get upset when the rules or the law is broken.


If I’m fire, my wife is water and if she is fire, I become water.


In struggle with loosing weight. 🍕Pizza makes me happy.


🚩Albanian. My old origins are from Turkey, but my great-grandfather moved here. Country that I love is Germany, because those dudes respect the law.

Other stuff

⚽ Sports: I love football. I am a FC Barcelona fan in terms of clubs and I cheer for Deutsche Nationalmannschaft (it’s just Germany) in terms of national teams.

🎬 Movies. I’m not talking about movies. I see movies just as Keanu sees them:

I like to talk to conferences and become the next Jake Wharton. End of story!