First experience with Jetpack Compose

onCreate It’s been a couple of weeks since Jetpack Compose reached in alpha state. So, I thought I should start giving it a try.Getting started with it is not that hard.[…]

Usage of SharedFlow

# onCreate With the 1.4 Update, kotlin coroutines brought us a lot of features and improvements. One of them was the introduction of SharedFlow. Basically, what I would like to call[…]

The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep WebView out. It failed miserably.

Let’s face it, getting a NaN in Android is more frustrating than a (Kotlin)NullPointerException. Well, as a Native Android developer, I actually never touched the web professionally, except playing around with[…]

Realm 7, the frozen throne

onCreate As many of us might know, Realm has already introduced freezing objects. Personally, I have been waiting for long time for such feature. So, what actual problem does this solve?[…]

Coroutines and callbacks

Callbacks in Java are probably the most basic way to perform executions/send actions between classes. If you have chosen to use coroutines in a project, you want to keep the same[…]

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