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Realm 7, the frozen throne

onCreate As many of us might know, Realm has already introduced freezing objects. Personally, I have been waiting for long time for such feature. So, what actual problem does this solve? A lot of us might have faced this issue: Realm access from incorrect thread. Realm objects can only be accessed on the thread they were created. I believe the error speaks for itself. Realm < 7.0: When you call Realm.

Why LiveData is the best solution (yet) for UI

Why LiveData is the best solution (yet) for UI As far as I am concerned, there are many developers who don’t like LiveData. However, for the UI part, there is no better API to achieve MVVM (or even MVI,or stateful MVVM). Furthermore, makes the UI control very easy. There might have been some small misconceptions regarding the usage of it, but, if you use LiveData for the purpose it was created, I think that’s far better than any other API (for the moment).

Coroutines and callbacks

Callbacks in Java are probably the most basic way to perform executions/send actions between classes. If you have chosen to use coroutines in a project, you want to keep the same style everywhere. But what if some of the libraries you use, are still using callbacks? No worries, Kotlin coroutines are easily integrated with callbacks. It’s just a small workaround to make. Let’s think of a very simple use case:

My first remote experience

typealias Coroutine = Quarantine I hope you get the joke…. Well, it has been a very rough year for me, “motion-ally” and emotionally. I moved to Germany just when all these corona fear started. Luckily I got time to get introduced to the team and the project and got ready to start fresh . And then, since the situation with the epidemic wasn’t getting any better, the company decided to switch to home office.

Getting rid of the white screen on the app start up

Details matter especially when it comes to making users happy. We have all kinds of users, those who don’t care how the app is designed (just do what he/she needs), those who care, and those who are developers themselves. I have met people who don’t use a single app just because it has some strange animation, and they hate it. For me, it’s a little from both. I Like seeing a minimalist design (like Airbnb Android app, which is one of my favorites, for instance), but it is also important to fulfill your needs also.

Generate Kotlin Docs using Dokka

Have you ever generated Kotlin docs (Kdocs) for your library/project? I have. There is a tool for this called Dokka and you can find it here. It’s not too hard to set up. I personally used Dokka for a small API i wrote for SharedPreferences. Anyways, the steps are pretty basic. One thing you must be careful though, is to know the syntax of the Kdocs pretty well (usually, if you know how to generate Javadoc, Kotlin docs don’t have much difference).