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Gradle Version Catalogs

As many of you already might know, Gradle has introduced a new (yet unstable) way to centralize dependency declarations. In huge codebases and in multi-module projects, managing gradle dependencies has always[…]

Gradle Convention Plugin

As many of us already know, the Google Android team will soon start using a new way of applying plugins in Android/Kotlin modules. It’s more an improvement and a try to[…]

A comparison between Flutter’s Injectable and Dagger 2

I have been playing around with Flutter lately. More specifically I discovered Injectable; a dependency injection tool for Flutter, also built by google, but extremely similar to Dagger 2. Since I[…]

First look on Hilt

onCreate A new Dependency Injection library called Hilt was presented from the Google team. It was designed on top of Dagger library and provides a simpler, less boilerplate API to handle[…]

Server side kotlin using Ktor. An authentication example.

Let’s be honest, I didn’t enjoy Ktor in the beginning. It seemed pretty confusing, different, immature, and difficult to start with. Watching it grow from away was a little simpler. However,[…]

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